Environmental Services

We work with government, businesses and catchment groups. By bringing together the right knowledge and people we are able to provide creative end-to-end solutions to complex challenges.

Catchment management

We specialise in catchment management with tailored solutions to fit each situation, budget, and timeframes. Our end-to-end solutions can cover any or all of the following depending on your needs:

  • Catchment planning
  • Catchment understanding, catchment stories, catchment mapping and specific regulatory context
  • Prioritisation of activities to meet outcomes quickly and cost effectively
  • Finding funding for catchment activities 
  • Support with council, stakeholder and community engagement
  • Support community understanding of rules and regulation
  • Submission writing
  • Understand the future regulatory context and how to reduce regulatory risk
  • Monitoring and evaluation design at catchment, farm and programme scale
  • Finding environmental solutions to achieve desired catchment outcomes
  • Supporting the implementation of on-farm actions
  • Provide staff or community workshops and field days

All services

Ecological restoration

Ecological restoration

  • Waterway and wetland enhancement  
  • Biodiversity restoration planning 
Project management

Project management

  • Strategy development
  • Project administration
Policy and planning

Policy and planning

  • Strategic policy advice
  • Developing submissions and evidence
  • Stakeholder engagement 
Catchment management tools

Catchment management tools

  • Development of scalable tools 
  • Digital tool development
  • Environmental training 

Digital marketing

  • Digital strategy
  • Website and content development
  • Digital storytelling
  • Email marketing and social media
Sustainable farming initiatives

Sustainable farming initiatives

  • Strategic farm planning programmes

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